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Personalized legal services

Centre Légal Fleury is law firm serving the Greater Montreal and Laval. We offer a variety of services for your individual situation. Whether you require family, labor or criminal law guidance, we’ll take the time to listen and understand your point, in order to support and guide you in the most efficient way possible.
From civil law attorney services to hiring an estate lawyer, you’ll be well advised by a talented team that can take charge quickly, while providing courteous, professional service. Defend your rights properly, and trust the expertise of Centre Légal Fleury.
Your rights

Your rights

Ask about your rights and the options available to make sure your rights are protected. We can provide you with information regarding those rights, and the options available, concerning litigious or non-litigious issues. It’s important to have all the information on hand, so you can make well-informed decisions, that are best suited to your personal situation.

Information and advice

Information and advice

We will inform you regarding your legal situation, and your options for settlement, lawsuit or defense.

  • Civil courts (Superior Court, Court of Quebec, etc.)
  • Administrative Courts (CLP, TAQ, RTC, etc.)
  • City Courts (Municipal Court)
  • Court of Appeal
  • Negotiations
  • Legal Opinions
  • Contracts
  • Estate Settlement
  • Hidden Defects
Collaborative law and negotiations

Collaborative law and negotiations

Together, let’s work on finding potential legal solutions, that won’t force you to go to court.

Your legal team in Montreal and Laval

Areas of expertise

Perhaps you need a civil law attorney, or an estate lawyer, or other type of legal service. Rest assured, you’re in the right place. Our expertise is diversified, and spans many legal specializations. We can help anyone, with all types of legal situations. Discover the scope of our services.


Successions, insurance, damages and interest, professional fault, civil responsibility, real estate, hidden defects, boundary markings, corrections to cadastral register, right of passage, etc. For detailed information, please consult the page that lists and explains the areas of expertise provided by a lawyer specialized in Civil Law.


Adoption, divorce, child custody, alimony, compensatory allowance, family patrimony, legal separation, etc. For legal questions or litigation issues concerning this area of the law, our Family Lawyer will provide sound advice.


Dismissals, harassment, union negligence, employment termination negotiations for executives. If you’re facing any one of these situations, our Labour Law Attorney will assist you.


Work accidents, permanent disabilities, industrial accidents and occupational diseases, payments, treatment, etc. If you’re having issues at work and you’re not sure how to proceed, we have a specialized CNESST lawyer will can guide you.

Criminal and Penal

Aggressions, impaired driving, conjugal violence, assault, penal infractions. Facing a criminal offense charge? Our criminal Law attorney will defend your rights.


Life insurance, inheritance, estate liquidation, wills, will interpretation, etc.

Real Estate

Boundary marking, hidden defects, co-property, legal hypotheque, contractor failures, right of passage. Need information regarding property assessment or co-ownership? Please contact our Real Estate lawyer.


Shareholders, banks, commercial leases, commercial contracts, bankruptcies, etc.


Contesting administrative decisions affecting your rights and conditions, contribution rate errors, GST-PST, etc.

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