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Civil Law defines the relationship between individuals or businesses. All sorts of situations can be settled by a Civil Law attorney. Examples would be contract disputes, personal injury, or even neighborhood disturbance.

A Civil lawyer will represent a client in civil court, write formal notices and negotiate between the parties involved, in order to help resolve situations in the best possible way.

You have received a formal notice, a notice of hidden defect or you want to draw up a rental contract AND you are looking for the right person to help you?

Civil litigation Lawyers at Centre Légal Fleury are here to help you ! With lawyers holding more than 20 years of practice, having a great knowledge of the legal system, Centre Légal Fleury is the law firm that you must contact for all your needs in civil law.

We will take care of all aspects of your civil case in order to offer you the best support and to work out with you a strategy that will allow you to resolve your particular situation in the most effective way possible.

 What is civil law?

Civil law is a very broad area of ​​law. It is governed by several statutes, but mainly by the Civil Code of Quebec and the Quebec Charter of human rights and freedoms. It deals with relationships between people, in particular natural and legal persons.

Many situations can lead someone to hire the services of a civil lawyer, including :

  • Non-compliance with a contract, a dispute between neighbors ;
  • Disputing an estate ;
  • Verifying a will ;
  • A remedy for hidden defects ;
  • In the event of bodily injury ;
  • Care to a person ;

A Civil Law attorney will take charge and cover all aspects of your situation,

All of which can result in a negotiation or a civil suit. Whether your situation is contentious or not, our civil lawyers will be able to advise you and take charge of your situation from start to finish! Contact us for a consultation and immediate care at 514 564-4944!

They will take care of drafting your procedures, negotiate for you with the opposing party and represent you before the courts of first instance (Superior Court, Court of Quebec, Rental board, etc.) or before higher instances namely the Court of Appeal, if necessary.

To do this, they will use their experience in civil litigation, their know-how while referring to the laws in force and to case law.

Here are examples of situations we could help you with :

  • Your neighbor is encroaching on your property and you want to put an end to this situation by sending a notice;
  • You have received a personal fault and damage claim from a particular or an insurance bureau;
  • You discovered a hidden defect following the purchase of your house which was not disclosed to you by the seller;
  • Your co-contractor has not paid you for the services you have provided him, theres as been a breach of contract or he is delaying his payments unduly;
  • Someone has posted defamatory words about you on social media or mainstream media;
  • You had a personal injury  when you fell on the sidewalk;
  • Your contractor has stopped work and published a legal mortgage on your property;
  • You were lied to when you signed a sales contract or you were misrepresented;
  • You want to have a will authenticated or on the contrary you want to contest its validity;

Business law and contracts

Business law or commercial law is a branch of civil law related to all commercial activities. Whether you have a company or  offering personal services or goods, we are the reference.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to start a business, we can help you build your dream. From the creation of the company, to the negotiation of commercial contracts, through registration with the Quebec Enterprise register and the drafting of your shareholder and administrator resolutions, our business law experts can respond to all your needs.

Furthermore, regardless of your area of ​​expertise, if you want to expand your business and acquire a competitor, we can do the whole process for you.

In the event of a civil dispute with your service distributor, or an insurer, our lawyers at Centre Légal Fleury can contest a contract, invalidate a clause in a contract or go to civil court to have its execution enforced.

Wills and inheritance law

Our specialists can help you with your estate planning and the drafting of your will so that your last wishes are respected after your death.

If, on the other hand, you have been appointed liquidator to an estate (formerly an executor) and you want to know your obligations as manager of the estate of the deceased, the lawyers at the Centre Légal Fleury can assist you throughout the liquidation process until the final or anticipated division of the Estate. We can also do the will search for you.

In the event of an Intestate Succession, death without a will, our lawyers will be in charge of determining the legal heirs and guiding you in the succession procedures.

Finally, they can represent you in court to force a liquidator to render an account or produce an inventory, challenge the quality of an heir, challenge the validity of a will, or a codicil or conversely have its authenticity confirmed.

Real estate law

The Fleury Legal Center has extensive expertise in real estate law. We offer a range of services to meet all your needs. Including construction law, rental boards demands, contracts, mortgage, etc.

  • Whether  you have discovered a hidden defect following the purchase of your property ;
  • Whether a legal mortgage has been published on your property on the land registry ;
  • Whether you have difficulties with your construction contractor
  • Whether you want to terminate the undivided co-ownership of your property ;
  • You  want to be represented as a syndicate of co-owners or as a co-owner;

We have all the skills to resolve your situation, call us now at 514 564-4944!

Insurance law

Life is full of unforeseen events and that’s why it’s essential to protect yourself by taking out insurance in the event of a sinister, an accident or loss of property. For even more security, you may have also took out life insurance as well as travel insurance while traveling.

But while you’ve taken the trouble to protect yourself in the best possible way, sometimes it can be difficult to get the right compensation from your insurer.

In fact, if you have damage or personal insurance coverage, you have suffered a loss and your insurance refuses to compensate you, our lawyers can help you for the insurance claim. 

In addition, our services may be useful to you in the event that the compensation which has been granted to you is not representative of the damage you have suffered.

Insurance contracts are sometimes complex in their interpretation, consult us for a legal opinion as to the extent of your coverage.

Civil liability or public liability

Each and every one of us, natural and legal persons, has an obligation to repair  the damage that we cause to others through our fault. This fault can result from a voluntary act,  negligence or from an omission.

In addition, the responsibility of a person can be recognized by the autonomous fact of a property (object, animal, etc.) in his care or another person under his supervision like an employee or a child.

If you have been the victim of an accident which caused you physical or psychological injuries due to the fault of another person, company or individual, you may be entitled to receive monetary compensation for your damage!

Does this accident deprive you of living a normal life? Did you miss work days? Do you have to pay for medical treatment? You may be entitled to receive compensation!

Here are some examples that could lead to monetary compensation :

  • You fell on an icy sidewalk and suffered bodily harm ;
  • You have been the victim of defamation and insult on social networks and this has caused you moral prejudice ;
  • You used a beauty product that caused damage to you ;
  • You have been the victim of a criminal act which has caused you permanent psychological damage, etc. ;

Contact us so that we can take care of your situation and have your losses properly compensated!

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