Real estate law

Real Estate Law and Hidden Defects

The lawyers specializing in real estate law at the Centre Légal Fleury have developed in-depth expertise in this area, enabling them to meet the needs of all estate holders, such as:

  • Building contractors ;
  • Buyers and sellers ;
  • Lessee and lessors ;
  • The syndicate of co-owners ;
  • Developers
  • Co-owners
The team has a deep knowledge and a passion for the subject. In the event of a dispute, they will be able to give you legal advice and represent you before regular courts as well as specialized courts such as the Rental board.So, whether your file touches co-ownership, property assessment, construction, purchase or sale of a building or even a problem of hidden defects, a law firm specializing in real estate law will advise you accordingly so the situation can be resolve in the best easiest and fastest way possible.

Construction and renovation of buildings

If you are thinking of renovating your home or building, our lawyers specializing in real estate law will be able to answer your questions regarding :

  • Contract compliance ;
  • The publication of a legal mortgage ;
  • Construction law ;
  • The certification of your contractor and more !

If you are an owner and the contractor who performs the work on your building does not execute in accordance with the signed contract or the project progress times are not reasonable, our lawyers could help you force the execution of corrective work and even claim damages.

If you are a contractor or subcontractor, we could also help you to intervene in the event that difficulties arise on your site and you can’t get paid.

Our lawyers are trained to publish legal mortgages and notice of the exercise of a hypothecary right, if this is the solution that is most beneficial for you!

Representation and advice for residents of a condominium

In addition, our lawyers can help you draft or update the documents governing your co-ownership, including declarations of co-ownerships and regulations. Or, if you are thinking of purchasing a unit in a divided or undivided co-ownership, we offer a consulting service that focuses on verifying the documentation of the building before the purchase, such as the declaration of co-ownership and the contingency fund.

We can also represent you as co-owner or syndicate of co-ownership in the event of a dispute.

Purchase and sale of real estate

Whether it is to verify a promise to purchase, an offer or to analyze the transactions necessary for your situation, the real estate lawyers at Centre Légal Fleury are your allies when you are looking to make a real estate transaction and review your legal documents.

Furthermore, if you have done business with a real estate agent for your home purchase and you consider that an error has crept into your promise to purchase, our lawyers can help you resolve this situation. We can also review the sale, the agreement of purchase and the  documentation for your property in accordance to the real estate brokering act, the Civil code of Quebec and all the others laws and regulations applicable.

Claims for hidden defects in a building

You bought a property, the contract of sale does not exclude the legal warranty, and you have just discovered an important hidden defect of which you were not aware during the purchase and you wouldn’t you have paid such a high price for knowing about it?

Even if the seller of the property was not aware of the defect at the time of the transaction, if the defect existed prior to the sale and was not an apparent defect, he could still be held responsible for it. The building inspector could also be responsible if he missed some evident defects he should have seen and report. The warranty of quality can protect you independently of the time of purchase.

Our lawyers will answer your questions and guide you through the process of identification, denunciation to the seller and to the seller own seller, the formal notice and eventually negotiation and/or representation.

If the house was sold without any warranty, a false statement by the last owners might allow you to open a civil law suit.

Otherwise, if you have sold your property and you receive a notice of a hidden defect a few years later, it may not be admissible. The lawyers at the Centre Légal Fleury will be able to take charge of your case and defend you as a seller.

Hidden defects

You’ve purchased a property and have just discovered an important defect that you were not aware of prior to buying? Even if the former owner was not aware of this defect, he is nonetheless held responsible. A lawyer that is specialized in hidden defects will be able to answer all related questions and guide you throughout the process of identifying and reporting said defect to the previous owner.

In any situation, contact an attorney who will provide good advice and will defend yours rights.
Whether you need a real estate lawyer, a lawyer in family law, or advice in connection with a dismissal, Centre Legal Fleury guide you in all your legal proceedings.

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