Our legal services for your contracts

Whether you are a small or medium-sized society offering sale of goods or services, it is essential that your contracts are clear and without any ambiguous clause. In order to avoid possible disputes on the validity of your contract or one of the clauses of your contract being deemed abusive, call on the services of the lawyers at Centre Légal Fleury.

Our firm offers several legal services in contractual matters such as the drafting, interpretation and analysis of contracts and commercial leases.

In addition, our lawyers are trained to negotiate with your business partners the best contractual conditions for you from the start of the process, the formation of the contract, until the end of the contractual relationship. Don’t hesitate to contact us to seek our legal services at 514-564-4944.

Commercial and business contracts

The society’s contracts and shareholders agreements are essential to its success. It allows any company to stand out and and identify its business objectives. It may seem financially attractive to choose a commercial contract model but remember this can be disadvantageous in the mid and  long run.

Indeed, certain specialized areas of expertise are governed by different and changing laws and regulations. Call one of our lawyers specialized in civil law draft your company’s contract modeled on your sector of activity and your aspirations. He will take charge of the analysis of relevant articles of law, in particular the Civil Code and will make sure you have a valid contract. 

In addition, our lawyers can help you in the event of a commercial dispute if there is:

  • A problem with the formation of the contract ;
  • If your contracting partner refuses to comply ;
  • If your contracting partner is running late causing damage to your business ;
  • Etc.

Commercial leases

As a business, commercial leasing represents a significant fixed expense. To make the most of your game, whether as an owner or a tenant, a lawyer from the Centre Légal Fleury can draft and / or negotiate your commercial lease. He can also advise you on the legal aspect in order to protect your rights and interests.

We offer several services such as the publication of the commercial lease on the land registry as well as negotiation and drafting.

Starting your business

You want to start your business, but you don’t know where to start?

Contact us to know our packages, we can help you build your business and complete all the documentation necessary to build your dream !

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