Criminal Law

Criminal Law

A Criminal lawyer can defend you if you’re facing criminal offense charges such as unlawful acts, sex crimes, theft or fraud, domestic violence, driving under the influence among others.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes can range from possession of juvenile pornography, inappropriate touching, incest and sexual assault. A Criminal lawyer can help manage the situation and represent you in court should you be charged with one of these serious crimes. A Criminal lawyer will help prepare an adequate defense and help you deliver a credible and accurate testimony.


It’s vital to quickly consult a Criminal lawyer if you are charged with possession, trafficking, importing or exporting narcotics that are prohibited in Canada. A Criminal lawyer can efficiently analyze your situation and find the best defense possible. The Criminal lawyer will help you prepare to appear in court by preparing you to answer questions in the most confident and convincing way, putting all chances of a positive outcome on your side.


Theft ranges from shoplifting, robbery and breaking and entering. You can also be accused of attempted robbery or acting in collusion. If you’ve been charged with any of these offenses, hiring a Criminal lawyer will help you understand the scope of the accusation, explore defense tactics and avoid important sanctions or penalties.

Unlawful acts

You could be accused of unlawful acts if you’ve committed a direct or indirect attack or an assault. The Criminal lawyer will analyze the accusations brought forth against you and establish the best defense strategy in accordance with the situation at hand.


A Criminal lawyer must be called upon for all charges related to driving. For example, you could be charged with dangerous driving if you’re caught driving faster than the permitted speed. If you were involved in a driving incident but failed to stop or refused to provide contact information to the other people involved, you could be accused of a hit-and-run. If you’ve been drinking and chose to drive your car, you could be over the legal alcohol limit and be charged with driving under the influence. This potentially life-threatening decision is considered a very serious offense and deserves your undivided attention. If you’re accused, a Criminal lawyer will help you best prepare prior to appearing in court.

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