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What is criminal law ?

Criminal law is based on English Common Law, it includes any offense under the Criminal Code and the Drugs and Substances Act as well as offenses to penal laws.

State lawyers sometimes referred to as “the Crown” or prosecutors are the ones laying the charges, not the police, not the victim. At the end of a trial, they must have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime for which he is being tried.

The role of a criminal lawyer in criminal charges

If you are charged with a crime and you want to avoid a conviction and a criminal record, calling on a lawyer specializing in criminal law is your best option for a full and complete defense.

There are several reasons to defend yourself from a criminal and / or penal offense, including:

  • Insufficient evidence of the prosecution, a botched investigation ;
  • Police violation of your Charter rights ;
  • A reasonable doubt as to the intention ;
  • A overextended judicial delay ;
  • Etc.

Centre légal fleury’s criminal defense lawyers can help you defend yourself in the event that you would been charged of a criminal offense, such as assault, shoplifting, fraud, domestic violence, drinking and driving and for any offense related to driving.

Our criminal lawyers will be able to negotiate with crown attorneys during the criminal procedures , draft motions and ultimately do the criminal trial.

Prosecutions for shoplifting

What is shoplifting according to the law ?

It is an offense included in article 322 and 334 of the Criminal Code. It was theft committed without the use of force in a business in which the accused entered lawfully and that there was no employer-employee relationship between the merchant and this person.

What to do in the event of a shoplifting charge ?

Be aware that if you are charged with shoplifting and you are found guilty of this offense at the end of the trial, you are liable to a sentence depending on the value of the item alleged as stolen and the number of recurrences.

Also, if the circumstances of the case allows it, you could avoid having a criminal record by pleading guilty and making a request for an unconditional absolution. Shoplifting is also part of a program of dejudiciarisation. It is important to know that reimbursing an amount requested in a formal notice by the business who was victim of shoplifting will not prevent charges from being laid and will not improve your situation, since the charge which concerns you is  exclusive to the Crown, not the store that requires payment.

In any case, if you are charged with such an offense, you should consult a law firm promptly, preferably upon your arrest. Contact the lawyers at the Centre Légal Fleury, they will take charge of your case and provide you with the best defense.

Assault charges

You could be charged with assault when you commit an act that is considered an attack or assault. A simple push and spit can be considered as such.

A criminal defense lawyer will be able to analyze the charge against you and establish the best defense strategy depending on the type of offense committed and the circumstances that led to the assault.

Driving offense

You should hire a criminal lawyer for any driving offense.

For example, you could be charged with dangerous driving if you drive faster than the speed limit.

If you were involved in a traffic incident and you did not stop your vehicle, or did not provide your contact information during a traffic collision, you could be charged with hit and run.

Impaired driving, on the other hand, is a crime that threatens the lives and health of others, as well as yours: it is a serious accusation that deserves your full attention.

If you are arrested and charged, a criminal lawyer will help you prepare for a court appearance. He will analyze your file to verify whether your constitutional rights were respected during your arrest and will plead your criminal trial if he considers that you have a defense to assert.

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