Lawyer specialized in contesting tickets

You have received a “ticket” :

  • Because you haven’t stop at a red light ;
  • Illegal parking ;
  • Because you texted while driving ;
  • Speeding ;
  • An illegal U-turn ;
  • Etc.

If you believe that this ticket was given to you without reason or does not correctly describe the facts in question, do not worry, it is always possible to dispute it. Regardless of the reason you received this ticket, the procedure is the same.

If you pay the fine, this constitutes a guilty plea which you can hardly withdraw later.

You can plead guilty when you recognize the offense you are charged with. To do this, you can directly pay the fine or check the culprit box on the ticket and then pay the fine.

If you decide to do nothing in the matter of a traffic violation, i.e. red light, speed, stop, etc., you will be ordered to pay the amount of the fine as well as other costs after the expiration of the 30-day period, without other warnings. The demerit points will then be entered in your driving record at the SAAQ as if you had pleaded guilty or had been found guilty by a municipal judge.

Before pleading guilty, it is always possible to contact the lawyers at the Centre Légal Fleury who have acquired experience in ticket contestation.

They will be able to analyze the evidence to see if there is a loophole that could allow you to avoid losing demerit points, pay a fine, and ultimately lose your driver’s license.

If you believe you are not guilty

If you do not recognize your responsibility, and think you can make a point and raise a doubt in the mind of a judge, you can challenge the ticket.

Procedure for a Contest

You must first submit a non-guilty plea within 30 days. It is useful to describe your reasons for contestation on your plea. Only a few lines are enough to clearly deny the infraction and the states the facts.

In this case, you must check the not guilty box and return the form to the address indicated on the statement and keep proof of sending. At the back of the ticket, you can request disclosure of the evidence and a further finding will be sent to you, allowing you to prepare for your trial.

Keep track of your transmission by making copies of any documents and proof of transmission for what you send to the court.

Then, you will receive a notice of hearing which will tell you the time, date and place (courthouse or municipal court) where you will have to go to present your case. If you do not attend this hearing, a conviction will result by default and you will be charged additional costs.

Preparing for your hearing

To prepare for your court hearing, you can contact the lawyers of Centre Légal Fleury who can help you with the process. They can advise you on the elements to put forward, witnesses to call if necessary.

Some people prefer to be represented, especially when the amounts and the number of demerit points at stake are large. If this is your case, the defense lawyers at the Centre Légal Fleury will be happy to plead your case for you or negotiate with the pursuant attorneys.

At Centre Légal Fleury, we understand the impact of a suspension with demerit points can have on your life, especially when there is a need to drive for work or to fulfill family obligations.

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