Real Estate Law and Hidden Defects

Real Estate Law and Hidden Defects

For advice on co-ownership, property assessment, construction, buying or selling properties or even hidden defects, a Real Estate lawyer will have the in depth knowledge you need to make proper decisions.

Selling and purchasing real estate

For all purchasing offers, lease agreements or even to identify the required transactions you’d need for a particular situation, a Real Estate lawyer is a vital partner when the time comes to buy or sell residential, commercial or industrial properties. The Real Estate lawyer can also prepare leasing contracts, review documentation and draw-up commercial leases.


If you’re planning to renovate or build a home or a building, a Real Estate lawyer can answer questions regarding the validity of your contracts, registering mortgages and much more. He can also intervene if difficulties arise on your construction site or on the other end of the spectrum if you’re an entrepreneur or a contractor that is finding it difficult to get paid.

Property assessment

Are your taxes higher than usual this year? A Real Estate lawyer can guide you with regards to municipal taxes or reviewing your property assessment. He will guide you throughout the process of requesting a revised property assessment as well as with any necessary negotiating with the municipal evaluator.


A Real Estate lawyer can help you write or update all documents that regulate your co-ownership, including declarations and rules. If you’re considering buying a property with a co-ownership model, the Real Estate lawyer will verify all related documentation prior to the transaction. He can also represent your co-owner interests in the case of litigation.

Hidden defects

You’ve purchased a property and have just discovered an important defect that you were not aware of prior to buying? Even if the former owner was not aware of this defect, he is nonetheless held responsible. A lawyer that is specialized in hidden defects will be able to answer all related questions and guide you throughout the process of identifying and reporting said defect to the previous owner.

In any situation, contact an attorney who will provide good advice and will defend yours rights.
Whether you need a real estate lawyer, a lawyer in family law, or advice in connection with a dismissal, Centre Legal Fleury guide you in all your legal proceedings.

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