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Centre Légal Fleury is here to answer all legal, or dispute questions. Our team can help you, whether you need family law assistance, civil law guidance, a criminal lawyer or estate law support.

Our law firm offers diverse expertise that can serve your needs, depending on your specific situation. Each client and case is unique, so we take the time to fully understand your needs, in order to recommend best practices, and an action plan.

Our team of experts are passionate about the law, specialized in the different fields you could require, and committed to solving your issues in the best way possible. Negotiators and mediators, they will fight for your rights, and answer all your questions.

To make an appointment with one of our lawyers, kindly fill out the form or call the number published above.

To book an appointment with one of our lawyers, please fill the form below or call us.

Please note that we don’t accept legal aid work.


  • Centre Légal Fleury s.e.n.c.
  • 1670, rue Fleury Est, Montreal QC H2C 1S8
  • 514.564.4944
  • 514.564.4999

Directions to Centre Légal Fleury

Our offices are located at 1670 Fleury East street, on the Promenade Fleury in Ahuntsic. They are easy to reach by car, on foot and by public transportation.

If you travel by public transportation, you can use STM lines 41 and 140.

If you are traveling by car, take Fleury E. street, we are located near rue Garnier, a little west of rue Papineau. Parking is easy on FLeury Street or Garnier Street. The nearby highways are 19, 40 and 15.

Finally, if you are on foot, you will find us easily because we are located on the opposite side of the Renaud-Bray store.