Family Law

Family Law

Separating, divorce, division of property, child custody, protection of youth and inheritance are all subjects that fall under Family Law. In any of these cases, involving a Family lawyer can help solve situations that are often sensitive and emotionally charged.

Separating, divorce, marriage annulment

A Family law attorney can shed some light and help find quick and efficient solutions per your needs in the case of a separation, a divorce or an annulment. Any one of these situations should be treated with sensitivity and expert advice can play an important role in finding optimal solutions, whether the negotiating is conflictual or collaborative.

Child custody and child support

Separating or divorcing can be a trying time for the entire family. Child support is one of the key elements that must be quickly resolved when parents choose to separate. A Family law attorney helps evaluate all key aspects of your individual situation in order to recommend and manage all issues relating to child custody and support. The Family Law expert will avoid negative repercussions as much as possible and find a fast, efficient way to establish a middle ground.

Youth protection

If you’ve been identified by the DPJ (Direction de la protection de la jeunesse), you must immediately hire a Family law attorney. A DPJ intervention is stressful for the entire family and having a professional representative that understands the system will be of great help if you feel the DPJs involvement is not justified.


Should you wish to grow your family by means of adoption in Quebec or internationally, it’s possible to hire a Family lawyer to help guide you through the necessary procedures and complete the process.

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